(Beware: Habit forming!  Once your body stops shaking and you are breathing normally again, you will want more ....and more  .....)


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Hi, I'm Caprice.  25 years old, blonde hair and green eyes. Only 5' tall and 95 lbs., but they say good things come in small packages, now don't they?  I know my B-cup breasts aren't huge, but they are so firm and my pretty pink nipples are very sensitive.  I love all kinds of men, but have a special place in my heart for older men, married men, and bisexual men.  Oh, and I
hope you like toys ??

Try Me:    I can give it just the way that you like it; soft and gentle or hard and rough.  Don't let my size fool you, there's a lot of sexual energy in this petite body!

Feel Me:   Close your eyes and you'll swear I am right there with you.  Feel my soft lips and hungry mouth on you,  feel my legs wrapped around you pulling you deeper inside me.

Hear Me:    I'll whisper all those naughty things you want to hear and say the words that drive you wild.  Lets make each other moan.

Call Me :   You'll never experienced my brand of  sensual and erotic phonesex unless you pick up the phone and dial my number.  Its the hot-line to heaven!


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